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Choosing a financial partner is about far more than just finances. Here at Thompson Insurance & Financial Services, we take pride in the options and services we offer our clients. Our mission is to provide sound recommendations designed for your greatest benefit. We strive to eliminate the guesswork often associated with retirement planning by providing clear information and recommendations. We assist in the design and then implement a plan for your retirement. We then remain by your side, monitoring how the plan is working, making any necessary adjustments as life changes along the way. Retirement represents a fundamental change in your life, yet most retirees don’t match that with a fundamental change in their portfolios. Our primary focus is to assist those planning for, entering into or already in retirement to make that transition smoothly.



Meet Dave Thompson

Owner, Principal Agent & Financial Advisor

David is Manager and Principal Agent of Thompson Insurance and Financial Services. As an independent insurance broker specializing in health insurance and financial services, David researches products available in the market and offers only those products he feels are the best fit for his individual clients’ needs.

Vermonters are independent by nature, so it makes sense that David, who worked for a large national insurer for almost a decade, would strike out on his own in 2004 and found his own independent insurance and financial services firm. “Being independent is win-win for me and my clients,” he says. “Captive agents and brokers promote their company’s products. But not every company has the best products on the shelf. By being independent, I’m able to mix and match and do the best thing for the client.”

David says he enjoys building relationships with satisfied customers. “We’re in it for the long haul,” he adds. “That’s helped get us where we are today, with so many of our clients referring their friends and families. Referrals are rewarding because that means clients have faith in what I’ve done for them and in what I bring to the table.”

Proud of being Vermont born and bred, David also takes pride in having brought his wife, Wanita, and daughter, Meghann, into his practice.

Wanita was an educator for many years. She is now an agent, administrative assistant and customer service specialist. Meghann has more than 11 years of experience in the medical field, including being a nurse at Duke University Hospital. Her familiarity with the inner workings of the medical community make her an asset to clients of their family firm.

“I like being in a position where, with my experience and the people I’ve surrounded myself with in the industry, we can solve our clients problems,” David says. Confessing to having a corny sense of humor, he adds, “When I’m sitting down with somebody I say, ‘My goal is to leave you in better shape than I found you.’”



Meet Wanita Thompson

Agent & Customer Service Specialist

Wanita Thompson has always been in the business of educating others, although her students have slightly changed.  After three decades in elementary education, Wanita retired her teaching certification and joined the family firm.

At Thompson Insurance and Financial Services she began as an administrative assistant and is now a licensed agent and customer care specialist.

Wanita is committed to ensuring her clients’ satisfaction, saving them time and energy, by troubleshooting all of their retirement planning questions. Whether it’s an application inquiry or a request for health care or financial information, Wanita finds the solutions her clients are seeking.

“My goal is to make it as easy as possible for my clients to get the answers they need,” she says. “Even though it may take some searching and multiple phone calls, it is rewarding to know I found those answers to my clients’ problems.”

Working as a teacher’s assistant for six years ignited Wanita’s passion to educate others, so she went back to school for her teaching certification. For the next 24 years, Wanita taught first through fourth grades at the local public school.

A Vermont native, Wanita loves the outdoors, especially the Northeast Kingdom where there are many lakes and mountains to experience. Family time is very important to Wanita. She enjoys spending time with her daughter Meghann and her family, which is much easier now that they have moved to Vermont. Wanita continues to make frequent trips to Virginia to visit her son Derek and his family.



Meet Meghann Roberts

Administrative Assistant

Proving that Thompson Insurance and Financial Services truly is a family business, David and Wanita’s daughter, Meghann Roberts, joined the firm in 2013.

Born and raised in Barton, Meghann received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Southern Maine in Portland. “I love helping people,” she says.

Impressed by the care her grandfather received through multiple surgeries and then in a long-term-care facility, she chose to pursue a Masters of Nursing at Duke University.

“I saw the relationship my grandfather had with his nurses and how they cared for him,” she recalls. “Several of them even attended his funeral. It was very touching. I had such close relationships with all of my grandparents and just knew I wanted to work with the older folks. I felt that they offered more to me than I could to them.”

Meghann was a nurse at Duke University Hospital for eight years. But the same family ties that encouraged her to pursue nursing would eventually bring her back to her roots. When she and her husband, Lew, an Air Force veteran, got a chance to relocate their young family to Vermont for his postal service job, they jumped at the chance.

“We are both really close to our families,” Meghann says. “Since both of us had really close relationships with our grandparents, we felt like our kids were missing out.” Owen, Ava, Levi and Calvin get to spend a lot of quality time with their grandparents.

And Meghann’s knowledge of health care will benefit the firm’s clients as she grows from her role in Administrative Assistant into becoming a licensed agent.


Meet Diane Landry

Staff Support & Outreach Specialist

Diane has always worked in a supportive role in various positions prior to contracting with the firm in June, 2015.

Diane helped her husband, Clem, run a trucking business for 32 years. She scheduled deliveries, kept the books and provided customer support among other duties necessary to run a small family business. “I had my hand in everything, but the driving.”

When Diane’s children got older, she followed them to school. In the local school system, she worked as a para-educator. “I enjoyed working side-by-side with the children to help them reach their full potential.”

Starting in 2005, during school breaks and summer vacations, Diane worked at Thompson Insurance and Financial Services. Diane was the “it” girl, filling in wherever she was needed. When the needs of the practice grew, so did our need for Diane’s services. It was a natural transition and Diane stepped into the role nicely.

Diane’s enthusiasm, incredible work ethic and great inter personal skills enable her to shine as an integral team player and outreach specialist for the firm.

Outside of the office, Diane enjoys spending time with her three grown daughters; Wendy, Faith and Allison and their families. Diane and Clem make frequent trips to Burlington to support their grandsons Michael and JJ in their various sports activities. Grandson Jackson, the family’s newest member, keeps everyone entertained and a smile on their faces.